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Dams are so Attractive and Interesting!
Why don’t you join this bus tour, visiting four dams on July 25, 2017?

June 30, 2017

There are many things you can only learn through your hands-on experience. Dam functions and its oerations are typical examples. In this sense, this is one of the rare chances to visit dams.It is not usually feasible to visit plural dams in just one day, but this time with the good coordination of Dam Management Offices of Ministry of land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the similar office of Japan Water Agency, it will become possible to visit four dams in a day. (For the tour course including the visit to Oi Dam, you will have a chance to see hydropower generation plant section, too.)

Four tour courses will be provided with different starting points. Each course includes the visit to four dams. The tour will be an ideal opportunity for the school children who are seeking for the target for the theme for summer time report paper. For elementary school children, guardian’s company is required.

The details of the tour are shown, as follows:

Tour date July 25, 2017
Place to visit four dams out of the following 5 dams:
Origawa Dam, Yahagi Dam, Maruyama Dam, Ogigawa Dam and Oi Dam
Application period your application will be accepted from July 3 (10:00) to July 14 (16:00)
Maximum number of tour members Mizunami/ogigawa Dam Course – 17 persons
Ena Course—17 persons
Toyoda Course—15 persons
Kani/Yaotsu Course—17 persons
(When there are more applicants than the maximum number of tour members, selection will be made based on a draw.)
Qualifications Any persons can apply.
On the tour day, you will need to walk in and around the dam facilities.
In the case of elementary school children, they need to be accompanied by a guardian.
Appropriate attire All the visitors are expected to walk on the stairs and slopes a lot.
Please wear a comfortable clothing, shoes, and a hat/cap.
Lunch and drinks All the visitors should bring in their lunch bags and drinks. Vending machines are not available at some of the dam sites.

For Mizunami/Origawa Dam Course, Ena Course, and Toyoda Course, the visitors can place an order for Agigawa Dam Curry and Rice (¥800 including tax), the Specialty of Agigawa Dam.

For Kani/Yaotsu Course, special lunch set called “mother’s taste lunch” (¥750 including tax) at Road Station Obaachan City Yamaoka. (Those who want to place an order for the special lunch, please make an request in advance, filling out the request form.)
Note In the event that a heavy rain or flood occurs on the tour date, all the tour courses will be cancelled.
Other details (Written in Japanese version only. Omitted in English version.)
The details of the tour