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JWA’s Counter-Measures against Floods caused by Torrential Rains in Kyushu, Japan

July 8, 2017

Japan is now in the middle of rainy season. Typhoon No.3 passed by the northern Kyushu district of Japan, and stimulated the rainy season front and caused torrential rains, which started falling over that area on July 5, and lingered there several days. As a result, unprecedented floods occurred in many parts of northern Kyushu district,causing tremendous damages and casualties.
(The following paper article shows the overall sketch of the disaster for your reference:
Strait Times, Sigapore article on July 7, 2017 on the foods in Japan
http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/raging-waters-kill-3-leave-20-missing )

As two regional offices of Japan Water Agency are situated in this northern Kyushu, i.e. Kyushu Regional Office and Asakura Management and Construction Office, including three dams (Oyama, Koishiwaragawa Dam, and Terauchi Dam), we immediately established regional special task-force headquarters for this disaster management and started working for counter-measure procedures.
We conducted flood control measures at the dams, especially at Terauchi Dam, where this control measure was crucial for the lives of the downstream residents. As being kept reported in papers, TV news, etc. many people have been suffering from the floods, subsequent down-flow of drift woods, debris, etc.

We, Japan Water Agency, are working for the above-mentioned dam’s flood control, site patrols, inspections, and many other works following our designated procedures. At the same time we are now working to assist local municipal governments in various activities.

Those activities include: (as of July 8 18:00)

Liaison staff dispatch of one each of our staff to Asakura-City and Toho Village municipal government offices
(Rescue operations assistance)
dispatch 5 staffers for drone flights
dispatch 2 staffers for drift woods/mud slide removal
Machinery mobilize one road-sprinkler truck
mobilize two drones

We will keep working on this measure until the difficult situation settles.

Delivering aid supplies (1)
Delivering aid supplies (2)
Delivering aid supplies (2)

Northern Kyushu

Northern Kyushu, Kyushu Island