iwaya dam
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Incorporated Administrative agency/Japan Water Agency
Iwaya Dam Operation
& Maintenance Office
6-27 Unohara Kanayama-Town  Gero-City  Gifu Pref
509-1602 Japan

Iwaya Dam
Iwaya Dam Operation &
Maintenance Office Web Page
The Structure of IwayaDam
Statistical profile of the dam and reservoir
Height 127.5m
Lengh 336m
Volume of the dam 5,780,000m3
Catchment area (direct) 265km2
Catchment area (indirect) 770km2
Reservoir area 4.26km2
Gross storage capacity 173,500,000m3
Effective storage capacity 150,000,000m3
Capacity allocation chart,of the reservoir 
dam site
Iwaya Dam Site 
 Surcharge water level EL.424.0m. Flood control capacity 50,000,000m3
 Normal water level EL.411.0m.
Low water level EL.366.0m.
Foundation rock EL.300.0m.
↑ Water utilization capacity 100,000,000m3.
↑ Sediment capacity 23,500,000m3.
↑ Effective storage capacity 150,000,000m3.
↑ Gross storage capacity 173,500,000m3.
River : The Maze River.,one of tributaries of the Kiso River.
Location : Kanayama-Town,Gero-city,Gifu Pref.,50km northeast of Gifu City

Flood control Reducing estimated flood discharge from 2,400 to 300m3/sec.
Irindustal water supply   Max.discharge 17.63m3/sec.
Municipal water supply   Max discharge 21.93m3/sec.
Irrigation   Max discharge 6.13m3/sec.
Power generation   Owner,Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc;Installed capacity,288,000kw
(Turbine discharge 335m3/sec)
Iwaya dam is a rock-fill dam

The body is compoxd of stones and rocks
iwaya dam