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Site Policy & Privacy Policy

1. Basic idea

Information on everybody who uses this site is collected within the range necessary for smooth management of the service provided on Japan Water Agency homepage (Hereafter, http://www.water.go.jp/; is said, "This site") in Japan Water Agency. Collected information is taken care of appropriately within the range of the purpose of use.

2.Range of collected information

Individual information is not collected on this site as follows.

  1. (1) The Internet domain name, Internet Protocol address, and information on the inspection of this site etc. are automatically collected on this site. Cookie (The cookie . function that is transmitted from the server to user's browser to identify the user on the server side, and accumulated by user's computer) is not used.
  2. (2) It asks for the offer of the inquiry, the opinion, the impression, and information when corners of the inquiry and the opinion recruitment, etc. are used. Moreover, it is an arbitrary filling in as for the user attribute (address, name, group name, age, sex, occupation, mail address, and telephone number and fax number). Especially, when the report is not needed here, you may not fill in the user attribute. Addressor's mail address is displayed on the addressee side for "Inquiry and opinion, etc." that by way of the form.
  3. (3) It is likely to ask for the registration of the user attribute (address, name, group name, age, sex, occupation, mail address, and telephone number and fax number, etc.) when it is necessary on the character of the matter like the participation receiving applications such as events and the execution of the questionnaire, etc.

3.Purpose of use

  1. (1) Information collected in 2(1) is used only as a statistical material to manage the service that this site provides smoothly.
  2. (2) 2. I will refer to the measure plan and this site management in the future for the opinion etc. collected by (2). Therefore, the content of the opinion etc. might be transmitted to a related post in Japan Water Agency. Moreover, "Name, group name, mail address, telephone number, and fax number" filled in is used within the necessary range for the inquired answer and the report of the confirmation. The user attribute of the address, the age, sex, and the occupation is used in shape without the personal identification as a statistical material of "It inquires, and the opinion, the impression, and information are offered".
  3. (3) 2. Information collected by (3) is used only if it is necessary to execute an event etc. concerned smoothly. Moreover, attributes of the address, the age, sex, and the occupation, etc. might be used as a statistical material in shape without the individual identification.

4.Limitation of use and offer

In Janan Water Agency, collected information is never used for the purposes other than the purpose of use of three, except when there is an indication request based on the law or is a special reason besides the case with malfeasances of unlawful computer access and the threat, etc. , and it offers it to the third party. However, information on the user attributes of access information on this site statistically processed, the address, the age, and the occupation, etc. might be made public in shape without the personal identification.

5.Measures of security

Janan Water Agency executes collected information and to manage collected information the leakage or the downfall or besides the prevention of the damage appropriate, necessary security countermeasures are executed.


This privacy policy is applied only on this site.

About the copyright

As a rule, Janan Water Agency has the copyright about information on this site excluding the signature manuscript etc.These information cannot be modified without permission. Please observe the Copyright Law when you use it.

About the link

Please inform webmaster@water.go.jp when linking.
We will refuse to put the link directly on the image and the file of the end.

About recommended a browser

To inspect this site comfortably, I will recommend the following browsers.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or more

  • Netscape Navigator 4.7 or more
  • The image size recommends more than 800×600 pixels (Recommended image sizes are 1024×768 pixels).

Exemption matters

As for all acts of the use of the user of information on this site and doing, Japan Water Agency doesn't assume any responsibilities though it ensures the accuracy of information described in this site.


Please acknowledge to this site the change or might the deletion of the content beforehand without a previous notice.