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Roles of the Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage

New Water Supplies

The Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage has desalinized the water upstream of the barrage, making available a new source of municipal and industrial water of up to 22.5 m3/s.

Using part of the newly developed water, water intake for the Nagara aqueduct and the Chusei water supply system began in April 1998.

Nagara aqueduct (water right supply: 2.86m3/s)

The Nagara aqueduct withdraws water for drinking water supply to four cities and five towns in the Chita Peninsula area in Aichi Prefecture.

Chusei water supply system (water right supply: 0.732m3/s)

The Hokuchusei water supply system withdraws water for drinking water supply to two cities in Mie Prefecture.

For the time being, the facilities of the Kita Ise industrial water supply system are used to convey water to the places of use.

Water utilization in areas along the lower Nagara (As of April 2005)

Breakdown of water usage (maximum)