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Message from the president

We promote efficiency of business with the management principle to "provide safe, good-quality water stably and reasonably for the people".

Kenyu Komura, President, Japan Water Agency
Kenyu Komura,
Japan Water Agency
Japan Water Agency (JWA), since the time of our predecessor "Water Resources Development Public Corporation", has implemented the development and management of water resources for 7 river systems which are involved with the lives of more than half the population of our nation, with a mission to support an affluent and healthy life of the people through the utilization of water's blessing for as long as half a century. The water volume developed by JWA accounts for 90 % of the 7 river systems and we mange over 50 facilities. In this way, we have contributed to the enhancement of the lives of the people, and to the infrastructure building for industrial economic activities in our nation by providing stable water supply for metropolitan areas such as national capital, Kinki and Chubu regions.
In these days, our focus has been shifted from the construction of facilities to integrated water resources management. We intend to work for cost reduction, conservation of natural environment, maintaining water quality, risk management, and being a bridge between water resources areas and water consuming areas, and intend to run an organization which always listens to the needs of not only our customers, i.e., water consumers / users but also all the people of our nation.
We will carry out a mission of public benefit by uniting forces of managements and regular employees, aiming at more efficient management with a pride as a team of professionals, and with management principles to "provide safe, good-quality water stably and reasonably for the people".
We have been experiencing severe floods and big earthquakes recently. There is an opinion that a massive earthquake would hit capital region or western Japan within 20 years. Nature might not be as gentle as it used to be, just as when we have rain,sometimes it leads to severe flooding, whereas sometimes dry weather continues with no rain for a long period. We might face extremely heavy rain or earthquakes we have never experienced. To cope with this situation, we believe that our mission is to provide water, which is essential for our national life, stably and reasonably for the people even in such bad conditions.
Your continued support for JWA will be greatly appreciated.
November 2011

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