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Tourist Attractions

1Day Drive to Dams & Canals
Japan with a long history and tradition has varieties of diversified culturues. And each locality has its own distinctive features that attract visitors. Sight-seeing spots, a local delicacy, a joyful event, etc. are all different by locality. The areas where dams or canals of Japan Water Agency are located have many attractions. With this project of introduction of attractive touring destinations, we would like to present you some of the distinctive features of the locality. Why don't you rent a car at a major railway station of the locality and get started for your trip, stopping by at some of the attractive spots on the way to the final destination of the dam or the canal of Japan Water Agency.
[No.1] Western Mino Route toward Tokuyama Dam
Western Mino Route toward Tokuyama Dam
We chose this Mino route first simply because Mino is located close to the center of the Japanese Archipelago. As you will see, Mino has many hidden attractive spots. So please get started for your touring adventure in Mino District.
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Lake Biwa
[No.2] Lake Biwa Tour
Lake Biwa Tour
Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan and it occupies the central part of Shiga Prefecture and actually occupies one sixth of the prefecture. It holds the largest amount of water among all the lakes in Japan and supplies 14 million people with domestic water. The value of this lake is not limited to such a socio-economic factors. The lake also provide peole with many tourist attrations as well. We just show some of them here. Frankly just one day trip is too short for so many attractive spots. Please choose ones that best suit your interest. We hope you will have another chance to visit the places listed on your next anf following trips.
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[No.3] The Nature which is so close to town, Chichibu
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