[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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13 December
"Coordination Agreement on Mutual Support Activities at the Time of Disaster" with Japan Water Works Association (JWWA) NEW
13 December
JWA welcomed the visit of dam engineers from India from 27 through 30 August, 2018. NEW
14 November
Operation-Let's Have Fish Come Home 2018- 15 November, 2018
14 November
Asian Development Bank "Asia Water Forum 2018" International
4 October
Toward improving quality of infrastructure outside Japan
5 September
The international technical meeting between DWR, Thailand and the Japan Water Agency was held in Saitama City, Japan International
8 August
Flood control operation and Water Supply Assistance for Disaster-Stricken Area
in the historic heavy rain in July, 2018
3 August
Distribution of Ninja Dam Cards started! -Kawakami Dam-
25 July
Dam Card to be issued in commemoration of 17th World Lake Conference
- Distribution will start on 16 July at each satellite venue -
13 June
Fireflies are dancing around Hinachi Dam
6 June
Current status of the Koishiwaragawa Dam Construction Project
- Overcoming natural disaster and implementation of new technologies -
30 May
Aerial footage of water discharge from Murou Dam (taken by an UAV)
17 May
Koishiwaragawa Dam cornerstone-laying ceremony was held
17 May
Ayu (= sweetfishes) are swimming up through the fishway
26 April
Only one original Dam Card Style AR photo in the world
26 April
Urayama Dam of Advance - Chapter 7
25 April
Minumadai Canal in Spring
17 April
Sameura Dam upgrading project started
16 April
Springtime water discharge on a large scale in three Dams in Minakami for maintenance
13 April
Urayama Dam of Advance - Chapter 7
12 April
The NARBO International Workshop on RBO Performance BenchmarkingInternational
22 March
Urayama Dam is emerging in the spring night sky! -Illuminated dam body and cherry blossoms await your visit.-
16 March
Dam Management in Severe Winter Period
15 March
Dam Card of Irukaike Reservoir is available now as well as its Dam Curry & Rice.
13 March
Cherry blossom forecast 2018
12 March
Iwaya Dam's Dam Card is to be renewed from 1 April, 2018
8 March
The 8th World Water Forum will be held in Brasilia, Brazil on 18 - 23 March, 2018. International
8 March
Serving of "Hinachi Dam Curry & Rice" Begins
6 March
Winter public tours were offered at Yagisawa Dam / Naramata Dam
1 March
Let's Take Photos of Toyogawa Canal!
20 February
Comprehensive Coordination Agreement has been signed with National Research Institute for Science and Disaster Resilience (=NIED)
16 February
Introducing 2018 Calendar of Naramata Dam/Yagisawa Dam
9 February
Young Salmon Stocking at Tone Barrage by Elementary School Students
9 February
Tour of Facilities and Earthquake Management Works at Tone Canal Management and Construction Office Exclusively for the Press
5 February
NARBO IWRM Training was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 5 to 8 February, 2018. International
5 February
Misogawa Dam Reservoir will be Entirely Covered with Ice Soon, presenting severe but beautiful winter scenery.
24 January
Terauchi Dam in Fukuoka Prefecture has won the Grand Award of "Japan Dam Award 2017"
23 January
Exclusive Dam Card of Sameura Dam with a Dragon-shaped Reservoir on it now Available at the Village Station of Okawa Village, Kochi Prefecture
19 January
Firewood made out of driftwood will be supplied free at Ikeda Dam, Tokushima Prefecture again in January 2018
18 January
Japan's MLIT is now promoting "Infrastructure Tourism", posting special portal site for this information


15 December
3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit, Yangon, Myanmar 2017 was held under the overarching theme "water security for sustainable development". International
15 December
Salmon spawn Distributed to Elementary School Students in Kazo City for Home Hatch and Raising
15 December
Invitation to Fantastic View of Illuminated Urayama Dam
Rising Lightly into the Winter Night Sky
6 December
Sameura Dam has been awarded for
"Yahoo!Search Grand Prize 2017- Local Category Award-KagawaPrefecture"
2 December
Hot Dam Curry and Rice is Cool ! Now it Broke the Ice.
22 November
Let’s Learn the Blessings of Kiso River!
-Hands-on Learning of Stocking with Juvenile Red-Spotted Masu Salmon Fishes at Kisogawa Barrage-
17 November
Invitation to the Water Conveyance Pipe Tour at Fukuoka Canal (for Reporters)
9 November
Free Distribution of Flood Woods at Takizawa Dam from 12 to 16 November
-For Firewood, Artwork Material, or Whatever you like-
6 November
Dam Enthusiasts Gathering at Yokoyama Dam and Tokuyama Dam on 23 November, 2017
2 November
Coordination contract with Yamaguchi University signed
1 November
A Water Quality Accident Drill will be carried out at Gunma Canal
19 October
Salmon Run-ups and Roe Extracting Observation Day at Tone Barrage on November 11, 2017
16 October
Operation-Let's Return Fish Back to Lake Biwa –again in 2017
13 October
Matsubara-Muro Irrigation System has been selected as one of the Heritage Irrigation Structures of the world.
12 October
Visit to a Dam Site has now become the Fashion of a Present Day Tour!
(Tourists will enjoy the grand view of Tokuyama Dam from the observatory)
4 October
Drainage Survey of Kagawa Canal will be made Seven Years after the Last Survey
3 October
13th "Water Exploration Team" -Hit the trail! (Destination: Kawakami Dam)
28 September
A Huge Dragon is showing up on Sameura Dam!
26 September
Collaborated Effort resulted into A Japanese Sake "Kisoji"
26 September
"Dam Curry and Rice" Gacha is Getting Popular Now!
4 September
Kagawa Canal Memorial Hall new building is now open.
29 August
Sameura Dam's upgrading Project First Dam upgrading Project of Japan Water Agency to be granted for 2018
29 July
JWA is holding various events related to "Water Day" (August 1) and "Water Week"(August 1-August 7)
27 July
The Official of MARD, Viet Nam visited the JWA Headquarters on July 27, 2017 International
25 July
JWA's Counter-Measures against Floods caused by Torrential Rains in Kyushu, Japan (continued)
13 July
The meeting was held between Dr. Mochamad Basuki Hadimuljono, Minster of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia and Mr. Kenyu Komura, President of Japan Water Agency International

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