13 July
The meeting was held between Dr. Mochamad Basuki Hadimuljono, Minster of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia and Mr. Kenyu Komura, President of Japan Water Agencynew
8 July
JWA’s Counter-Measures against Floods caused by Torrential Rains in Kyushu, Japannew
30 June
Dams are so Attractive and Interesting! Why don’t you join this bus tour, visiting four dams on July 25, 2017?
29 June
Drought Control Measures Have Got Started Again This Year!
26 June
When You Wish Upon a Star –Japanese Style Materials (Full bamboo trees and branches with leaves ) to be supplied to a local nursery school for Star Festival
21 June
Water Quality Improvement Experiment with Chinese Water Spinach at Agigawa Dam, Gifu Prefecture
19 June
Beach Vitex Presevation Activity is resuming at Lake Biwa!
15 June
Kawakami Dam is going to issue its Dam Card!
9 June
Certification of Appreciation received from Ogasawara Village of Metropolitan Tokyo for JWA’s Water Supply Support
6 June
Opening Day of Disassembly Operations of Pumps at Fukuoka Canal
31 May
Hands-on Environment Learning Opportunity for Local Elementary School Students
26 May
Dam Facility Tour at Hinachi Dam and Shorenji Dam
22 May
Reservoir Surface Clean-up by canoe at Kanna Lake (Shimokubo Dam Reservoir)! Announcing 14th Zero Garbage Activity
18 May
Reservoir Area Conservation Activity to be Carried out for the Surrounding Area of Iwaya Dam -For the Supply of Safe and Quality Water Stably-
16 May
Musashi Canal Reconstruction Project was awarded for Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineering for 2016
12 May
Let’s go to Misogawa Dam to See Dynamic Discharge from the Spillway Gates on May 20!
25 April
Refreshing the Downstream of River Bed to help Environmental Improvement at Takayama Dam
21 April
Carp Streamers Flying up in the Sky on Soft Spring Breezes above Hinachi Dam reservoir
18 April
Flood Response Drill at Misogawa Dam, Nagano Pref. on April 25
12 April
Young Sweet Fish Run-up Observation Day in Spring at Akigase Barrage
31 March
Encouragement Prize for Environment-Related Human Resources Fostering Award 2016 was awarded to Japan Water Agency
21 March
A Natural Environment Conservation Committee meeting was held on March 21, 2017
14 March
2nd Musashi Canal Monitoring Committee is to be held.
1 March
NARBO’s 6th General Meeting was held from February 22 to 24 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
28 February
First Run-up of Sweet Fishes Observed at Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage in 2017
21 February
6th Kanna River Upstream Basin Disaster Prevention Conference to be held
16 February
Mobilizing the Staff and an Apparatus for Desalination to Chichijima Island of Ogasawara Islands, about 1,000km south-southeast of Tokyo
15 February
JWA’s “Environment Report 2016” was awarded for the grand prize of “Specific Practitioner designated under Environmental Consideration Promotion Act”
14 February
Yagisawa Dam and Naramata Dam keep discharging water in winter when water inflow is scarce.
8 February
Young Salmon Stocking at Tone Barrage by School Children
18 January
First Meeting on “Sweet Fish” Promotion at Kanna Reservoir to be held on January 24, 2017 !
16 January
Free Firewood Supply at Ikeda Dam
12 January
Discharge from Tomisato Dam (As Part of the Risk Management Drill)


16 December
Please Enjoy the Grand View of the Illuminated Urayama Dam Emerging in Winter Night Sky
12 December
Tour of Arima Tunnel excavation site of Gunma Canal
24 November
Let’s do Joyful walk along Asagiriko Reservoir in late autumn! -An opportunity for social interaction between people of upstream community and downstream community-
22 November
Get hold of the Chance to Learn the Blessings of Kiso River -Experience Type Learning Opportunity of Releasing Young Red-Spotted Masu Salmon fishes-
21 November
Dam Cards are Getting Popular and Now They are Collectible Items!
15 November
A Unique Opportunity for the press to Observe the Maintenance Operations at Fukuoka Canal Facility -Disassembly and Proper Maintenance of the Pump for Smooth Conveyance of water of Chikugo River-
10 November
Water Quality Accident Response Drill to be held on Gunma Canal.
2 November
40th Okuchichibu Otaki Autumn Color Festival held at Takizawa Dam.
1 November
Salmon Run-ups and Roe Extracting Observation Day to be held at Tone Barrage
14 October
Misogawa Dam Tour -Reservoir Cruise on 23rd October, 2016 to Commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Dam Management == Showing JWA’s Appreciation for the Cooperation of Kiso Village People ==
7 October
“Fish return to Lake Biwa” Operation 2016
12 September
JWA is now ISO55001 certified.
5 September
A JWA Staffer was introduced in a recent TV program.
1 August
Dam Site Tours for School Children during Summer Holidays.
26 July
Toshima Village Mayor expressed his gratitude for JWA’s Water Supply Assistance Activities.
30 June
Hydroponic Planting of Chinese Water Spinach made again this year!
28 June
“Hamago (Vitex Rotundifolia)” Conservation Activity was carried out.
9 June
Desalination Work at Toshima Island started.
7 June
Mobilizing the Staff and an Apparatus for desalination to Toshima Island, one of the Seven Islands of Izu.
26 May
Water Supply is being kept from the Dams in the Upstream of Tone River.
18 May
“Musashi Canal Reconstruction Project” is to be awarded for Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award of Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
6 May
JWA has Concluded Water Supplying Support for Yamato-cho Thanks to the Recovery of Water Quality.
25 April
JWA kept on supplying water in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture last weekend.
22 April
JWA started water supplying support in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture.
21 April
JWA Will Start Water Supplying Support for Earthquake Affected Areas in Yamato-cho, a Town in Kumamoto Prefecture.
18 April
JWA Starts Supporting Water Supply for Earthquake Affected Areas.


12 November
Receiving the Letter of Appreciation from Ryonai-youakusuiro*1 LID*2 for the activities with JWA’s drainage pump truck.
1 October
Appointment of JWA Officers.
11 September
Support activities for rehabilitation of suffered areas from inundation damages in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
13 September
Support activities for rehabilitation of suffered areas from inundation damages in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
2 June
JWA staff received the award for “Continuing International Contribution Award” for 2014 from Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
1 April
Organizational Change as of 2015 (Announcement)
30 March
MOU was concluded on integrated water resources management with PJT-I of Indonesia.
15 January
Sameura Dam was awarded for the “Grand Prix Dam Award” of Japan Dam Award 2014.


16 June
Flood Control for Typhoon 18 at the Yodo River System in 2013 – Avoidance of Catastrophe Through Coordinated Operation of 7 Dams –Awarded Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (Group I) by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
1 April
Restructuring of Headquarters Organization of Fiscal Year 2014 (Announcement)
10 February
Ceremony of Japan Dam Award 2013 was Held in Hiyoshi Dam
16 January
Hiyoshi Dam Received Grand Prix Dam Award at Japan Dam Award 2013.
28 November
Our staff member received the visit of his Imperial Majesty and her Imperial Majesty.


31 July
Receiving the letter of appreciation for JWA ‘s cooperation for water supply –Latest endeavor of a pump truck JWA deployed for emergency-
12 July
Chief Administration Officer of Bhutan visited the JWA headquarters
3 April
Organization change of headquarters.
13 March
Our staff member received the visit of his Imperial Majesty and her Imperial Majesty.
3 March
Side Event of the “United Nations Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters” Held.


22 November
President of Iran Water Resources Corporation made a courtesy visit to our president Komura.
1 November
“Saitama City Waterworks International Seminar – Water Bridge between Laos and Japan” was held.
10 October
Vietnamese Research Group of water-related organizations paid a courtesy call on President Komura.
4 January
International Workshop on Water & History and Picture Panel Exhibition on ‘50 years’ experience of Aichi Canal Project.

Target Areas of JWA

Japan Water Agency (JWA) is constructing, operating and reconstructing water resources management facilities for water use and flood control such as dams, canals and so on.

Target Areas of JWA Tone River System and Ara River System Toyo River System Kiso River System Yodo River System Yoshino River System Chikugo River System

Photo Gallery

Aichi Canel near the Kozoji New Town

   It is a photograph of Aichi Canal near Kozoji New Town in Aichi Prefecture. Aichi Canal starts from Yaotsu Town in Gifu Prefecture and runs through Chita Peninsula to end at Mihama Town, extending for 112km. Water conveyance started in 1961 and major reconstruction work was complete in 2004 and 50th anniversary celebration was held in 2011.