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1. Irrigational water
Max. intake: approx. 12,442m³/s (Benefited land: approx. 6,300ha)
2. Domestic water
Max. intake: approx. 4,292m³/s (Supply water to 8 cities that have the population of approx. 1million)
Benefited Area
Gunma Pref.
Maebashi City, Takasaki City, Shibukawa City, Kiryu City, Yoshioka Town, Shinto Village, Isesaki City, and Tamamura Town
Facilities Water Intake Works (Two Roller Gates, max. intake amount 16,734m³/s) Main canal (approx. 4.0km), Sekishin Diversion Works, Ramp (approx. 7.8km), Preliminary Intake Works (2 Roller gates, max. water intake amount 11.67m³/s),Channel (approx. 1.6km), Pumping Facility (6 facilities, water conveyance pipe: approx 10.2km), Primary canal (Akagi Primary Canal: approx. 32.0km, Haruna Primary Canal: approx. 16.4km) Lateral canals (8 canals: approx. 20.6km), Solar power generation facility: 3 places.
Completion 1969
Details Water source areas of Gunma Canal are Yagisawa Dam and Naramata Dam, and its canal water is used for irrigation for the farmland of approx. 6,300ha on the hillside of Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna and also for domestic water for 7 municipalities such as Maebashi City. Canal management started in April 1970 and the above domestic water supply started in 1982. Canal water is taken at the right bank of Tone River at Iwamoto District of Numata City with max. water intake of 16.734m³/s, then after running for approx. 4km at Sekishin Diversion Works, the water is divided into Akagi Main Canal and Haruna Main Canal, then via respective sluices, and pumping stations, the water is delivered.


386 Furuichi-machi, Maebashi City, Gunma Pref.
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Apprx.15 min. by walking from Shin-Maebashi sta. of JR Joetsu Line, JR Ryomo Line and JR Agatsuma Line

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