[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Hokuso-tobu Canal

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Irrigation water
Max. intake: Approx. 8m³/s (Benefited land: Approx. 8,400ha)
Benefited Area
Chiba Pref.
Katori City, sousa City, Asahi City, Narita City, Tako Town, Tounosho Town, Kouzaki Town, Chiba City, Sakura City, Tougane City, Yachimata City, Tomisato City, Sanmu City
Facilities Intake Facility (Headrace Length: Approx. 0.9km, Funato Pumping Station)
Pumping Facility (Kayata Pumping Station, Tsukumozuka Pumping Station)
Main Canal (5 canals Length= approx. 41.6km)
Pressure Pumping Station and Farm Pond (24 points)
Lateral Canal (4 canals, approx. 8.8km)
Completion 1980
Details The construction of Hokuso-tobu Canal was made to supply 7.53m³/s of irrigation water sourcing from Tonegawa Estuary Barrage and Kasumigaura Lake to 8,404 ha of farmland (consisting of 2,732 ha of rice paddies and 5,672 ha of dry fields) spreading from the central part to the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture. Since its management start in April 1981, JWA has been conducting efficient management operations.


Katori City, Chiba Pref.
Phone No.
Fax No.
*Chiba Canal Integrated Operation and Maintenance Office


Train and car
Apprx.10 min. by car from Sawara sta. of JR Narita Line

Tourist Spots

Katori City (Sawara Area)
Sawara CityKnown as small EDO (Capital City of Japan in Feudal Edo period), Sawara Area attracts visitors with its cosy streets with old-fashioned houses. In the central city area, there is the former house of Tadataka Inou. He is well known as the person who made the first map of Japan with a modern technics. He spent 3,736 daysmaking measurements and travelled 34,913 km, walking through the costal lines and finally created the huge map of Japan in 1821.
Photo by "Travel to Katori" HP
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Katori (Shinto) Shrine
Katori (Shinto) ShrineKatori (Shinto) Shrine, No. 1 shrine of Shimosa Province of Chiba Prefecture, provide you with tranquil atmoshere which makes you feel calm and relaxed.
Photo by "Katori (Shinto) Shrine" HP
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