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Toso Canal

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1.Irrigation water
Max. intake: approx. 2.24m³/s (Benefited land: approx. 2,800 ha)
2.Domestic water
Max. intake: approx. 1.32m³/s (Water supply population: approx. 200,000)
Benefited Area
Chiba Pref.
Choshi City, Asahi City, Tonosho Town
Facilities Tone River Intake Facilities (Ichinowakeme Intake Works,Ichinowakeme Pumping Station)
Kurobe River Intake Facilities [Sasagawa Intake Works, Canal (Length= approx. 850m), Tonosho Pumping Station. Unakami Pressure Pumping Station, Regulating Tank Connection Chanel(Length: approx. 12.5km), Iioka Regulating Tank]
Water Conveyance Facility [Main canal (Length=Approx. 8.2km), Lateral canal (Length= approx. 15.5km), Farm Pond (18 spots) Operation Equipment, etc.]
Completion 1988
Details Toso Canal was constructed for the purpose of supplying 2,800 ha of farmland covering 2 cities and one town in the surrounding areas located in the north-eastern part of Chiba Prefecture with max. 2.24m³/s of irrigation water developed in Naramata Dam and Kasumigaura area under Kasumigaura Development project and also with max. 1.32m³/s of domestic water developed in Naramata Dam, Kasumigaura Development, Kasumigaura Canal, Tonegawa Estuary Barrage and reservoirs of Kurobe River. Its construction was complete in 1988 and its management started in April 1989.


81 Sasagawaro, Tonosho Town, Katori Gun, Chiba Pref.
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Train and car
Apprx.7 min. by car from Sasagawa sta. of JR Narita Line

Tourist Spots

Strawberry picking
Strawberry pickingToso Canal runs through Tonosho Town. Making use of relatively warm weather in winter, farmers are growing strawberries in greenhouses in this town. As they are in season starting early January, many families drop in on one of those greenhouses and have fun time picking up and eat ripe strawberries there.
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