[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Kasumigaura Lake Development

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Tourist Spots
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Purpose AWI *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location 12 municipalities, Ibaragi Pref. /Katori City, Chiba Pref.
*See more
River Hitachi River, Kasumigaura River System
Gate Roller gate:8,
Lock gate:2
Crest Length(m) 252km
Total Storage
Completion 1996
Details Kasumigaura Lake Development was a project in which lake banks were built and gates were reconstructed around the natural lake, Kasumigaura Lake , which supplies irrigation, domestic and industrial water to Ibaraki, Chiba and Tokyo Pref. You can learn about Kasumigaura Lake and water with fun at the Water Science Museum , Kasumigaura Fureai Land in Namegata City.
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Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki Pref.,
Phone No.
*Kasumigaura Canal System Management Office


Approx.20 min. by taxi from Tsuchiura sta. of JR Joban line
Approx.15 min. by taxi from Kandatsu sta. of JR Joban line
Joban Expressway Tsuchiura-Kita IC
Approx.30 min. from Tsuchiura-Kita IC

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Tourist Spots

Ibaraki Prefectural Flower Park
Ibaraki Prefectural Flower ParkThis Ibaraki Prefectural Flower Park is located in the Northwest of Lake Kasumigaura and has the open space of about 30 ha, consisting of various flower gardens and greens, including the garden of roses, Irises Japonica, hydrangeas, lilies, dahlias, and pheasants' eyes.
Photo by "Ibaraki Prefectural Flower Park" HP
See more ->Ibaraki Prefectural Flower Park (Only Japanese)
Mt. Tsukuba
Mt. TsukubaMt. Tsukuba is one of the famous 100 beautiful mountains of Japan. Though its height is just 877m above sea level, it will give you a grand view of surroundings from the twin peaks, i.e. beautiful low mountain ranges, Lake Kasumigaura and rice fields. THe local bus will take you to the Tsukuba Shrine in the middle of the mountain. You can take a cable car almost to the peak. After a few minutes walk, you can take a ropeway down to the middle. With those rides, you can make a round excursion here.


Oguri Hangan Festival [Beginning of December]
This festival started in 1989 re-enacting a legend of Oguri Hangan in Kyowa district.
At the site, traditional arts are performed such as a sacred music and dance called "Oguri Daidai Kagura", which is an intangible folk cultural asset of Chiba Prefecture, and "Chigyo Yagibushi" dance. Refreshment booths and farm stands are also set up.

The highlight of the festival is the Samurai warrior parade, which is like a gorgeous picture scroll of Warring States period. "Oguri Hangan" dressed in a Samurai costume on horseback and princess "Teruhime" riding on a court carriage are followed by 200 people dressed as maids, four heavenly kings, ten braves, and children samurai, rolling on Nihari Station road.
Photo by "Chikusei City Tourism Association" HP
See more ->Chikusei City Tourism Association (Only Japanese)
Ring Ring Festa - Cycling in Kasumigaura, Tsukuba [Middle of October]
This event is held to encourage more cyclists to come to the Kasumigaura and Mt. Tsukuba area. During this event, free rental bikes and cruise ships transportation services are provided for the convenience of the cyclists to load the bikes to cut short of part of the bike trails or even enjoy the cruise with their bikes on the ship. Bicycle makers also provide trial bike ride opportunities for adults and bycycle riding classes for children, too. Some shows are also staged.
Photo by "Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Cycling" HP
See more ->Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Cycling (Only Japanese)
Ayumi Festival [On 16 August every year]
This festival has its origin in the festival of Ayumizaki Kannon (Buddhist deity of mercy). It begins from the annual ceremony of exhibiting the Buddhist image, then are followed by various events such as dances and musical performances on stage, performance of Hobiki Bune boats, which uses their sails with the wind to draw their nets, and fireworks over the lake. Many people visits the festival where agricultural and fishery products are sold and/or distributed, and many refreshment booths are set up.
Photo by "Kasumigaura City Tourist Association" HP
See more ->Kasumigaura City Tourist Association (Only Japanese)
Saitosai Festival [Beginning of March]
A Grand Spring Festival is held at Kashima Shrine, the top shrine of Hitachi region (Ibaraki Pref.)where the diety of martial art is enshrined to pray for the good harvest of the region and global peace. A boy called Daisotoku or Shibochi, which means a child who becomes a Buddhist monk, dressed in armor riding on an adults shoulders, is followed by young people dressed in colorful costume in white makeup holding six-foot-long stave. The highlight of the festival is the performance along the way where people in circles, which is formed by more than a dozen people each, sing a festival song "Saito Bayashi" while hitting each others stave.
Photo by "Kashima Shrine" HP
See more ->Kashima Shrine (Only Japanese)
Doll Festival in Edosaki [From 11 February to 3 March]
"Edosaki Syoyukan", used to be a Japanese-style inn built in early1930s, and is now used for a place of recreation and interaction for the citizens. Hina dolls, which are a set of dolls dressed in gorgeous kimono representing the ancient imperial court, and Hanging Hina dolls made by hand are displayed there during the festive days, and you can enjoy the nostalgic world of harmony between the elegant traditional inn setting and the pretty dolls.

During three festive days, a special event called "Hina Decoration on Choju Zaka Slope of Edosaki Fudoin Temple" is held.
Many pretty dolls are on display on the steps of Choju Zaka (Longevity) slope, connecting the back of the Fudoin Niomon gate to the main building of Fudoin Temple.
Photo by "Ibaraki Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association" HP
See more ->Ibaraki Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association (Only Japanese)

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