[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Shimokubo Dam

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Dam Card
Tourist Spots
Gourmet Information
Purpose FNWIP *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Fujioka City, Gunma Pref. / Kamikawa Town, Kodama Gun, Saitama Pref.
*See more
River Kanna River, Tone River System
Type Concrete gravity dam
Gate Radial gate:2
Tainter gate:2
Dam Height(m) 129
Crest Length(m) 605
Total Storage
Completion 1969
Details The L-shaped dam body was constructed by using the 13.5t class travelling jib crane for the first time in Japan.


Kamikawa Town, Saitama Pref.
Phone No.
*Shimokubo Dam Operation and Maintenance Office


Train and Bus
Approx.60 min. by bus from Shinmachi sta. of JR Takasaki Line
Approx.40 min. by bus from Gunma-Fujioka sta. of JR Hachiko Line
Approx.40 min. from Honjo-Kodama IC of Kan-Etsu Expressway
Approx.40 min. from Fujioka IC of Joshin'etsu Expressway

Dam Card

Dam Card1
Dam Card2


Tourist Spots

Jyomine Park
On the southern side of Shimokubo Dam is Jyomine Park. This top-of -the hill park welcomes the visitors in automn for autumn colors of different types of leaves. Maple color hanges turning to red is especially beautiful in autumn. This park is also well known for the winter cherries that get in full gloom twice in spring and late autumn to early winter.
Photo by "Kamikawa Town Official Site" HP
See more ->Kamikawa Town Official Site
Kanna Lake
Kanna Lake is Shimokubo Dam reservoir. People come to this lake for fishing, boat rowing during three seasons except for winter and enjoy nice scenery there.
Sanbaseki Ravine
The downstream side of Shimokubo Dam for 1.3km is called Sanbaseki Ravine as the combination of clear flowing water and huge and odd shaped green and white marbled rocks constitute unique landscaping. Medium sized rocks of tuff and chlorite stone combinatione are ideal for landscaping for traditional Japanese gardens.
Photo by "Fujioka City Official Site" HP
See more ->Fujioka City Official Site
Sakurayama Park
Up north of Shimokubo Dam/Kanna Lake, there is Sakurayama Park. Sakurayama means Cherry blossom Mountain. As name stands, almost all of the slopes on all sides are trees of winter Cherry. So just like those of Jyomine Park, people can enjoy two cherry seasons in spring and early winter.

Gourmet Information

Shimokubo Dam Curry and Rice
This dish symbolizes the discharge from the bulb and Sanbaseki Ravine with locally grown vegetables.
¥800 (excluding tax)
Roadside station "Joshu Onishi"
1089-2 Yuzurihara, Fujioka City, Gunma Pref.
Phone No.
on Tue.

Shimokubo Dam Curry and Rice
Michi no Oasis Kamiizumi
110 Shimoaguhara, Kamikawa Town, Saitama Pref.
Phone No.

Shimokubo Dam Curry and Rice
Salad with beans on the plate imitates Sanbaseki Ravine;
broccoli symbolizes Sakurayama Park;
carrots give the image of winter cherry blossoms
¥750 (excluding tax)
Information Onishi & Oni Cafe
152-1 Onishi, Fujioka City, Gunma Pref.
Phone No.
on Wed.

Shimokubo Dam Shaved ice with syrup
Served with blueberries grown under full organic farming
¥600 (excluding tax)
Tsukamoto Organic Blueberry Farm
1188-2 Joboji, Fujioka City, Gunma Pref.
Phone No.
from July to September

Nagaiya "Manju"
Wrapping design includes Shimokubo Dam and its name.
This design has been used for over 45 years, immediately after the dam completion.
¥60 (excluding tax)
Nagaiya Confectonery
846-2 Sakahara, Fujioka City, Gunma Pref.
Phone No.
6:00- until being sold out
on Tue.

Original Yashio Mineral Spring Cracker
Mineral water of Yashio Spring is used.
Please find Shimokubo Dam on the front of the craker.
¥500 (excluding tax) *a set of 15 pieces
Aburaya (Head Office)
99-7 Onishi, Fujioka City, Gunma Pref.
Phone No.
7:30-19:00 on Weekdays / 7:30-14:00 on Sun.

*Prices and ingredients may change.


Kanna Carp Streamers Fesitval
[End of April through beginning of May]
The festival started in May 1981 when two hundred carp streamers were raised afloat on two wire ropes across over the Kanna River. Year by year the number of wire ropes has been increasd and now 800 carp streamers are on display since 1986. It is a fantasitic view that 800 colorful carp streamers are raised afloat and looked like they were swimming in the sky. In October 1986 this display was awarded for home-town making award of Gunma Prefecture and in March 1987 awarded as the best award for national home-town making prize.
Photo by "Kanna Town Tourist Web" HP
See more ->Kanna Town Tourist Web
"Naked Men Festival" of Ariuji Shrine [19 November]
It is called "Naked Men Festival", but in reality men are naked except for their loincloth, jist like the appearabce of Japanes SUMO Wreslers. On the festive day, right after the shrine ritual, participating men appears in just plain white loinclothes and headbands, holding the plate on which festive red rice is placed. When the timing is mature, they starts spreading around the rice. It is considered very lucky when such small piece of red rice hits your body or you just eat them and you can escape the evil spirit and/or disaster of the year. A pregnant woman can expect safe and easy baby delivery. This has now become a good photo shooting scene.
Photo by "Saitamatsuri" HP
See more -> "Saitamatsuri" Saitama festival introduce official site

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