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Togane Dam

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Purpose WI *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Togane City, Chiba Pref. *See more
River Jumonji River, Magame River System
Type Earth fill dam
Gate Gateless
Dam Height(m) 28.3
Crest Length(m) 248
Total Storage
Completion 1994
Details Togane Dam is one of Boso canal facilities that supply domestic water to Chiba city area, Kujukuri coastal area and Minami Boso area and industrial water to Keiyo industrial zone etc. The major part of dam body was constructed by utilizing excavated soil from the dam construction site and neighboring residential area.


Matsunogo, Togane City, Chiba Pref.
Phone No.


Apprx.10 min. by car from Togane sta. of JR Togane line
Apprx.10 min. by car from Togane IC of Express of Metropolitan Inter-City Express

Dam Card

Dam Card
Dam Card

Tourist Spots

Namikiri Fudo Temple
Namikiri Fudo TempleAllegedly built in early Edo period, the main building of the temple stands on the cliff and is suppoted by 26 columns. As it was built on the cliff in the middle stage of the hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean far away, it stands out in deep red color from far distance. Like Kasamori Kannon Temple building, this is also a good viewing spot for visitors, aside frrom praying.
Photo by "Sanmu City" HP
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