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Tonegawa Estuary Barrage

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Purpose NAWI *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Kamisu City, Ibaragi Pref. / Tohnosho Town, Katori Gun, Chiba Pref.
*See more
River Tone River, Tone River System
Type Movable barrage
Gate Single roller gate
Double roller gate
Crest Length(m) 834(Movablesection:465)
Completion 1971
Details The purposes of Tone estuary barrage are salinity control and water supply. To conserve the aquatic resources, sea water is conducted upward and brackish water zone is formed at the upstream side of the barrage by operating the gates. The seawater is taken within a range in which it does not affect the water supply.
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2276 Niijuku, Tounoshou Town, Katori-Gun, Chiba Pref.,
Phone No.


Highway bus
Bus tarminal:Tokyo station Yaesu exit in front of Mizuho Bank
Bound for Choshi (Both Omigawa route and Sahara route)
Arrival station:Tachibana bus stop
Apprx.110 min. (Omigawa route) Apprx.120 min. (Sahara route)
Apprx.8 min. by walking from Tachibana bus stop
JR Soubu Line from Tokyo sta. to Chiba sta. and Narita line from Chiba sta. to Shimousa Tachibana sta.
Apprx.180 min. from Tokyo sta. (local train)
Apprx.40 min. from Sahara-Katori IC of Higashi-Kanto Expressway

Dam Card

Dam Card
Dam Card

Tourist Spots

Sawara City
Sawara CityKnown as small EDO (Capital City of Japan in Feudal Edo period), Sawara City attracts visitors with its cosy streets with old-fashioned houses. In the central city area, there is the former house of Tadataka Inou. He is well known as the person who made the first map of Japan with a modern technics. He spent 3,736 daysmaking measurements and travelled 34,913 km, walking through the costal lines and finally created the huge map of Japan in 1821.
Photo by "Travel to Katori" HP
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Choshi City
Inubosaki Light HouseSituated at far estern end of Kanto Plain facing the Pacific Ocean, this city attaracts many fish cuisine lovers. As both the Kurie Current and the Black Current meet ashore, the city boasts of large amount of fish catch, consisting of wide range of fish types. There are many fresh fish restaurants and a famous light house named Inubosaki Light House situated here.
Photo by "Where the Fun Begins!" HP
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Katori (Shinto) Shrine
Katori (Shinto) ShrineKatori (Shinto) Shrine, No. 1 shrine of Shimosa Province of Chiba Prefecture, provide you with tranquil atmoshere which makes you feel calm and relaxed.
Photo by "Katori (Shinto) Shrine" HP
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