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Syorenji Dam

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Purpose FNAWP *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Nabari City, Mie Pref. *See more
River Shorenji River, Yodo River System
Type Arch concrete dam
Gate High head caterpillar gate:2
Roller gate:3
Dam Height(m) 82
Crest Length(m) 275
Total Storage
Completion 1969
Details The light gates suitable for the thin arch dam and the caterpillar gates with less traveling resistance were adopted for its main gates. Syorenji Dam was the first dam for Water Resources Development Public Corporation (the predecessor of Japan Water Agency) that involved from its feasibility survey and was completed in only five years.


1-166 Nakachiyama, Nabari City, Mie Pref.
Phone No.
*Kizukawa Dam Integrated Operation and Management Office
Address:2811-2 Shimohinachi, Nabari City, Mie Pref.
Phone No.81-595-64-8961


Apprx.10 min. by car from Nabari Sta. of Kintetsu Railway Osaka Line
Apprx.45 min. from Hari IC of Meihan Expressway
Apprx.35 min. from Ueno IC of Meihan Expressway

Dam Card

Dam Card
Dam Card

Tourist Spots

Kaochidani Ravine
Kaochidani RavineKaochidani Ravine is located on Shorenji River upstream in Nabari City.This river is flowing through andesite rocks and river water eroded the surface of the rocks over a long period and created beautiful shape. As both sides of the river are andesite rocks in the form of columnar joint, you will see unique shapes of the rock formation of this 8km long ravine. Autumn colors in this ravine is so pretty, many tourists come to this place from Kansai Region (Kyoto and Osaka) and Chukyo Region (Nagoya).
See more ->Mie Prefecture Tourist Association (Only Japanese)


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