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Terauchi Dam

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Purpose FNAW *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Asakura City, Fukuoka Pref. *See more
River Sata River, Chikugo River System
Type Rockfill dam
Gate Radial gate:1
Dam top over flow roller gate:2
Dam Height(m) 83
Crest Length(m) 420
Total Storage
Completion 1977
Details The highly accurate observation records of dam body behavior were obtained by detailed observation system. These records contributed to the design and analysis of fill dams constructed since then.
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Mina-chan and Kamoppi
Mina-chan and Kamoppi


1516-6 Inaibaru, Asakura City, Fukuoka Pref.
Phone No.


Apprx.30 min. by taxi from Amagi sta. of Nishi-Nppon Railroad Amagi Line or Amagi Railway
Apprx.20 min. from Oita Exptressway Amagi IC
Apprx.15 min. from Oita Exptressway Asakura IC

Dam Card

Dam Card
Dam Card


Tourist Spots

Akizuki City (Entire central city area is designated the traditional structure conservation area)
Akizuki CityAkizuki City, the base town of Egawa Dam and Koishibara Dam (under construction), is called the miniture KYOTO of Chikuzen Region of Kyushu because it still retains the traditional atmosphere of castle town of Edo period. Now the entire central city area is designated a traditional historical structure conservation area. When you explore this city area, strolling in the town, you will feel bits and pieces of traditional EDO period of life. (After Meiji Restoration, this town was unfortunately left untouched from new technological development until recently, but thanks to it, traditional EDO period atmosphere has been kept until now. Strolling intown and visiting the ruins of Akizuki Castle will be a great fun for you.
Photo by "YOKANAVI (Fukuoka City Guide)" HP
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Asakura three waterwheels
Asakura three waterwheelsThis three waterwheels in series originally built in Edo period has been used for water intake to a little elevated irrigation canal. You will be surprised to see the powerful water run through the traditional equipment to make use of water for effective irrigation water conveyance.
Photo by "Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Information ´CROSS ROAD FUKUOKA´" HP
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Koishibara-yaki Porcelain
Koishibara-yaki PorcelainKoishibara Porcelain ware is well known for it unique surface decoration, whirling engraving technique using a plane blade touching a ware placed on the rotating table. It is a very good souvenir as a daily use tableware.
Photo by "Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square" HP
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Gourmet Information

Terauchi Dam Curry and Rice
Terauchi Dam Curry and Rice
Terauchi Dam Minagi Curry and Rice
Terauchi Dam Minagi Curry and Rice


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