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Kagawa Canal

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1.Irrigation water
Max. Intake: 11.3m³/s (Benefited land: approx. 13,670 ha)
2.Domestic water
Max. intake:3.87 m³/s (Estimated supply water population: 870,000)
3.Industrial Water
Max. intake:0.63m³/s (Water supply: to 34 corporations)
Benefited Area
Kagawa Pref.
Takamatsu City, Marugame City, Sakaide City, Zentsuji City, Kannonji City, HIgashikagawa City, Sanuki City, Mitoyo CIty, Miki Town, Utazu Town, Ayakawa Town, Kotohira Town,Tadotsu Town, Manno Town
Facilities Water intake facilities (Intake Works, main canal Length= approx. 8.04km)
Canal facilities (Eastern main canal: L= approx. 34.67km, Takase Lateral Canal L=approx. 3.88km)
Regulationg pond (Bank height :25.0m, Effective storage capacity: 3,050km³)
Completion 1974
Details Kagawa Canal project was implemented as part of Yoshio River system water resources development plan. Making use of flowing water of Yoshino River sourced from Sameura Dam, the canal was constructed to supply approx. 23,670 ha of farmland in Kagawa Prefecture with irrigation water, 13 municipalities of Kagawa Prefecture with domestic water, and Sakaide and Marugame regions with industrial water and the construction was completed in 1974. The management operations started in April 1975.
Koto-chan and Hana-chan
Koto-chan and Hana-chan


891-2 Enai,Kotohira Town,Kagawa Pref.
Phone No.
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Apprx. 10min. by walking from Kotohira Sta. of JR Dosan Line


Tourist Spots

Ritsurin Garden
Ritsurin GardenRitsurin Garden in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, is situated in the central district of Takamatsu City and is one of the beautiful spots for tourist visits selected in Micherin Guide Book. This garden still keeps the trait of "Daimyo Teien" of the 17th to 18th century, or the garden created by the Feudal Lord and is well designed for nice leisurely walk through it with ponds, hills, and beautiful combination of trees and flowers in season.
Photo by "Visit Kagawa" HP
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The Kagawa Museum
The Kagawa MuseumWith the Seto Island Sea to the north, Takamatsu Castle to the west and JR Takamatsu Station within a few minutes walk, the Kagawa Museum I conveniently located for tourists and the locals alike. This prefectural museum exhibits historical articles, artifacts and folklore customs related to Kagawa Prefecture and Seto Inland Sea. In addition, there is an exhibit of Kagawa Canal, including the replica of Asan Canal Tunnel and the photo of Kagawa Canal taken from a satellite.
Photo by "Visit Kagawa" HP
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Kotohira (or Konpira) Shrine
Kotohira (or Konpira) ShrineKotohira Shrine or Konpira Shrine has been a very polular spot for pilgrims and worshippers, especially from maritime workers because the enshirined deity is the sea deity. This shrine is also a very popular spot now among both domestic and international tourists as the shrine which is hard to reach as there are 1,363 steps that have to be climbed before reaching the main shrine hall. But is is fun, too, because of many important cultural assets and artworks are exhibited in the halls as well as UDON (noodle) and souvenir shops along the above pilgrimage path.
Photo by "Visit Kagawa" HP
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"Sanuki Udon" Noodle shops
Ramen noodle is now internationally well known Japanese style chinese noodle with diversified types available on the market in Japan and some other parts of the world. However there is a exception. In Sanuki Area, or Kagawa Prefecture, "Sanuki Udon (noodle)" represents this area as their "soul food" (their favorite food). There are thousands of UDON shops in and around Takamatsu and other cities, towns in Kagawa Prefecture. Respective shops have their own specialties and offer their customers fresh and delicious noodles. Why don't you explore and find your favorite ones.
Photo by "Visit Kagawa" HP
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