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Kyu-Yoshinogawa Estuary Barrage

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Purpose FNWI *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Matsushige Town, Itano Gun, Tokushima Pref.
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River Kyu-Yoshino River, Yoshino River System
Type Movable barrage
Gate Shell structure double roller gate:1
Shell structure roller gate:5
Crest Length(m) (Movablesection:168.3)
Completion 1975
Details The regulating gates of Kyu-Yoshinogawa Estuary Barrage are shell type double roller gates. These gates enable the barrage to conduct the overflow operation that passes the river water over the upper gates to maintain the water level on the upstream side during normal hours and conduct the underflow operation that passes the river water under the lower gates for flood control. The upper gates have the front rollers in addition to the main rollers and side rollers to prevent the gates tilting in the upstream and downstream direction. And as the corrosion prevention measures, 300 pieces of anodes are installed for anodic protection on each gate in addition to the paint-coating.


841 Enase Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima City, Tokushima Pref.
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Apprx.50 min. by Tokushima Bus and walk from Tokushima Awaodori Airport
Apprx.20 min. by Tokushima Bus and walk from JR Tokushima Sta.

Dam Card

Dam Card
Dam Card

Tourist Spots

Tokushima City, the city of Awaodori
Tokushima City, the city of AwaodoriAwaodori is the dance performed in Tokushima City, but as this dance is so exiting, during the Awaodori week, many awaodori performers from all over Japan come to the city and show their own unique styles of dancing in distinctive colored and designed costumes. Awaodori Kaikan Building was built for the tourists who want to see how the dance is performed regardless of the season. On the hall floor, the typical local Awaodori dance is performed for tourist viewing every day and on another floor the related dance materials are on display. For the convenience of visitors, various souvenir items are sold. The top floor of the building is the entrance to the ropeway to the peak station of Mt. Bizan as this building stand at the foot of the mountain. When you reach the peak of the mountain , you could see the view of Tokushima City and the sea the city is facing on the eastern side.
Photo by "Discover Tokushima, Japan (Tokushima Pref.)" HP
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Whirling Current in the Naruto Strait
Whirling Current in the Naruto StraitNaruto Starait is a narrow strait between Shikoku and Awajishima. Because of the different currents are crossing one after another here at Naruto, the sea water surface whirls. Such a whirling water occurs at some different places in a narrow strait. So sightseeing cruise boats take the tourists on board to some of those whirling water places for observation. And such a cruise boat depart from the Naruto Port near Otsuka Museum of Art.
Photo by "Discover Tokushima, Japan (Tokushima Pref.)" HP
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Otsuka Museum of Art
Otsuka Museum of ArtLocated by the side of the long bridge connecting Shikoku Island and Awajishima Island, this museum houses more than 1,000 replicas of masterpieces of Western Art from 190 museums in 25 countries worldwide. Those replicas are all made of ceramic board reproduced to their original sizes with special techniques, it is said to keep the original finish more than 2000 years. As this museum has the largest display room capacity in Japan, you will half a day or a day or more to walk through exhibition halls. Just with a single visit, you will see all the major paintings here in a similar atmosphere.
Photo by "Otsuka Museum of Art" HP
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