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Collaborated Effort resulted into A Japanese Sake "Kisoji"26 September, 2017

Misogawa Dam Maintenance and Operation Office of Japan Water Agency (=JWA) worked in collaboration with Kiso Village and its local Japanse Sake Brewery Yukawa Shuzouten in producing a new version of “Kisoji”( Kiso Route) brand Japanese Sake.The area of collaboration is the storage of bottled sake. As the inspection gallery and its adjacent area is located inside of the dam body, where the temperature is being kept at around 13-14℃ all the year round and air movement is quite limited. Those two factors as the constant temperature and limited air movement are the crucial conditions to let the sake to mature elegantly to the maximum.
As the village government was eager to develop the local specialty items as part of the promotional efforts for vitalization of the village and JWA wished to cooperate with them, JWA provided storage space for 800 bottles of brewed and botted sake inside of dam body of Misogawa Dam. On September 15, those bottles of sake were shipped out to Yukawa Shuzouten and they will be marketed in the village and nearest metolopolitan city of Nagoya and its surrounding regions from October 1, 2017.
Collaborated Effort resulted into A Japanese Sake“Kisoji”
[Yukawa Sake Brewery]

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