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Salmon Run-ups and Roe Extracting Observation Day at Tone Barrage on 11 November, 201719 October, 2017

Salmon (Japanese calls it "Sake") is a very familiar fish, perhaps next to Tuna, "Maguro". As grown salmons have the instinct to come back to their own birthplaces and spawn for next generation, those born in Tone River are coming back again this year after circling the great Pacific Ocean.
Tone Canal Management and Construction Office of Japan Water Agency is holding the "2017 Tone Barrage Salmon Run-ups and Roe Extracting Day" on Saturday, 11th November, 2017 at Tone Barrage, which is located in the middle reaches of Tone River, 154 km from the estuary.
This observation day event is held every year and there are quite a large number of visitors, children and grown-ups, coming to the site, observing dynamic salmon run-ups on the fish way as well as roe extracting work. It is a good chance for children to directly watch and learn a part of the nature conservation effort of salmons and learn a bit about the functions of the barrage for our better lives.
Note: Salmon roes are mixed with sperms squeezed out from male salmons for hatching.

Event: Salmon run-ups and eggs gathering observation

Venue Tone Barrage
by the side of Tone Barrage Nature Observation Room, on the right bank (Gyoda City side)
Date and Time 13:00-15:20, 11th November, 2017
(In the case of little rain, the event will be held.)


The count of salmon run-ups reached 18,696 in 2013, the highest number in the past. Last year the run-ups count showed just 4,038 but we expect more salmons are running up this year.
Daily and cumulative run-up count record and live pictures are showing on the web, as follows:
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Time Table

13:00 Welcome greetings
13:15 Briefing of mode of life of salmons, and Tone Barrage
(by the staff of Saitama Pref. Fisheries Research Center and Gunma Pref. Fisheries Experimental Station)
14:00 Eggs gathering observation (3 times)
1st 13:40-13:50 / 2nd 13:55-14:05 / 3rd 14:10-14:20
14:30 Playing trivia
15:00 Closing remarks
*Some local food and vegetable wagons wil be serving visitors.
And opportunities to make tin buttons will be provided.

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