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A Water Quality Accident Drill will be carried out at Gunma Canal1 November, 2017

Gunma Canal is one of the important facilities to supply water to 6,300ha of farmland in 7 cities and other municipalities and about one million residents of 8 municipalities across central Gunma Prefecture. In 2008, there was an oil dumping accident on Akagi Main Canal. Since then it has become very important to deal with such a water quality accident.
Under the circumstances, Gunma Canal Operation and Maintenance Office of Japan Water Agency is going to carry out a drill, preparing for a possible oil spill accident for the purpose of prompt treatment in corporation with the related organizations, water users, and local municipalities. They will invite those related organizations and the people concerned for this drill.

Outline of this water quality accident drill

Date and time November 9, 2017 (Thu.) 14:00-16:00 (In case of light rain, the drill will be implemented.)
Venue Makabe No.4 Open Canal of Gunma Canal's Akagi Main Line
Participating Organizations Prefectural Central No. 1 Water Works Office, No.2 Water Works Office, Gunma Canal Land Improvement District and other relevant organizations and municipalities, etc.
Time line 14:00-15:00 Greetings, briefing, and rope work practice, etc.
15:00-16:00 Installation practice of oil fences in the canal
Preparation of oil fences
Preparation of oil fences
Assembling components to fit on the spot
Installation work of a oil fence
Installation work of a oil fence
Installed oil fences
Installed oil fences