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Let's Take Photos of Toyogawa Canal! 1 March, 2018

Photo Contest in Celebration of Toyogawa Canal’s 50th Anniversary of Water TransmissionIn June 2018, Toyogawa Canal will celebrate its 50th anniversary of water transmission. The water transmission of the canal enabled irrigation, domestic, and industrial water to East Mikawa district in Aichi Prefecture and Kosai district in Shizuoka Prefecture, and has contributed to the tremendous socio-economic progress in these districts. To carry on this precious water to the next half century, "Photo Contest in Celebration of Toyogawa Canal's 50th Anniversary of Water Transmission" will be held, as follows:
Theme of your photo application "Toyogawa Canal and I"
*Any photo is okey as long as it is related to Toyogawa Canal.
Requirements The photo is limited to unreleased and unretouched ones only.
The photo should be a digital file in JPG format of 5MB and under in size. Each applicant may submit up to five photos with an entry form attached to each photo.
How to enter Please download the entry form from the website, prepare a form for each work and fill in the name of photographer, contact, and outline of photo shooting, and then send them by e-mail to the following address:
e-mail: toyogawacanal50th@sala2.dti.ne.jp
Notes Please don't enter into farms or off-limits areas without previous approval when taking photos.
Please obtain prior consent from the people when taking a photo of them.
Your application is subject to your prior consent for our use of your photos for the publicity of Toyogawa Canal.
For further details, please refer to the conditions of entry.
Deadline Your applications should reach us by Tuesday, 31 July, 2018
Prizes The best prize and three excellent prizes will be selected.
The recipient of the best prize will be awarded at the "Ceremony of Toyogawa Canal's 50th Anniversary of Water Transmission".
Contact and entry address Secretariat of the Photo Contest in Celebration of Toyogawa Canal's 50th Anniversary of Water Transmission, Toyogawa Canal Management and Construction Office, Japan Water Agency
8 Imahashi-Cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, 440-0801
Phone: +81-532-54-6501
E-mail: toyogawacanal50th@sala2.dti.ne.jp
We are looking forward to your participation.

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