[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Message from the president

We are making every endeavor to meet with the expectations of people as a team of professionals in water business.

Kenji Kanao, President, Japan Water AgencyThe Japan Water Agency has been engaged in development and management of water resources in seven river systems in Japan, which were involved with the lives of more than half of the nation’s total population. Through such activities, we have been contributing to the enhancement of the people’s lives and its economic development by supplying water stably in metropolitan zones particularly in Tokyo, Chubu and Kinki areas.
Since JWA was reorganized as an incorporated administrative agency in October, 2003, our primary goal has been set on the accomplishment of our social responsibilities with our pride as a team of professionals in water business under our management policy of "Supplying safe and good quality water stably at a reasonable price".
Nowadays, social demands such as securing and improving flood control functions in response to climate change, carbon neutrality (hydroelectric power generation), and regional development have been increasing. To meet these demands, we have been attempting flood control at water utilization dams, and engaged in research on advanced dam operation utilizing ensemble rainfall forecasting for several years. Once positive results are obtained, the method is then applied to practical use.
We are also continuously endeavoring to improve the efficiency and sophistication of our operations, including by quickly introducing Digital Transformation (DX).
In recent years, there are diversified and complicated issues facing all over the world such as large-scale disasters like extraordinary draughts, extremely heavy floods due to climate change. In order to properly address these issues, the responsibility and expectations for JWA are increasing.
JWA is the only organization in Japan that can comprehensively manage the entire network to connect water sources and consumption areas.
We will continue to strive for the appropriate management and construction of water resources development facilities by securing skilled engineering for future and improving ourselves as a "team of professionals in water business" with expertise and advanced technologies.
Your kind and continued assistance and cooperation will be highly appreciated.
April 2023

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