[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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JWA has completed 64 of facility construction/reconstruction projects in the seven river systems that the government designated for water resources development, namely, Tone, Ara, Toyo, Kiso, Yodo, Yoshino, and Chikugo River Systems. The other 10 projects are ongoing in these systems. JWA is currently managing 52 facilities, including 30 dams and canals extending for approx. 3,000 km.
Projects of JWA
Tone, Ara, Toyo and Kiso River Systems
Yodo, Yoshino and Chikugo River Systems

A: Tone / Ara River Systems

  • 1.Yagisawa Dam
  • 2.Tone Canal
  • 3.Inbanuma Development
  • 4.Shimokubo Dam
  • 5.Gunma Canal
  • 6.Tonegawa Estuary Barrage
  • 7.Kusaki Dam
  • 8.Hokusotobu Canal
  • 9.Narita Canal
  • 10.Reconstruction of Asaka Canal
  • 11.Toso Canal
  • 12.Naramata Dam
  • 13.Kasumigaura Canal
  • 14.Saitama Goguchi Stage II
  • 15.Kasumigaura Lake Development
  • 16.Emergency Reconstruction of Tone Barrage Facilities
  • 17.Urayama Dam
  • 18.Tone-chuo Canal
  • 19.Boso Canal
  • 20.Emergency Reconstruction of Inbanuma Development Facilities
  • 21.Emergency Reconstruction of Gunma Canal Facilities
  • 22.Takizawa Dam
  • 23.Reconstruction of Musashi Canal
  • 24.Omoigawa Development
  • 25.Emergency Reconstruction of Gunma Canal Facilities
  • 26.Emergency Reconstruction of Boso Canal Facilities
  • 27.Measures for Tone Canal agaist Large-scale Earthquake
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B: Toyo River System

  • 1.Toyogawa Canal
  • 2.Emergency Reconstruction of Toyogawa Canal Facilities
  • 3.Toyogawa Comprehensive Canal
  • 4.Toyogawa Canal Stage II
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C: Kiso River System

  • 1.Aichi Canal
  • 2.Iwaya Dam
  • 3.Kisogawa Canal
  • 4.Agigawa Dam
  • 5.Mie Canal
  • 6.Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage
  • 7.Misogawa Dam
  • 8.Nagara Canal
  • 9.Emergency Reconstruction of Kisogawa Canal Facilities
  • 10.Aichi Canal Stage II
  • 11.Tokuyuama Dam
  • 12.Emergency Reconstruction of Kisogawa Right Bank Facilities
  • 13.Kiso River System Aqueduct
  • 14.Emergency Reconstruction of Kisogawa Right Bank
  • 15.Aichi Canal's Miyoshi Lateral Canal Emergency Measures
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D: Yodo River System

  • 1.Yodogawa Barrage
  • 2.Takayama Dam
  • 3.Shorenji Dam
  • 4.Shorenjigawa Development
  • 5.Murou Dam
  • 6.Hayase Channel
  • 7.Hitokura Dam
  • 8.Lake Biwa Development
  • 9.Nunome Dam
  • 10.Hiyoshi Dam
  • 11.Hinachi Dam
  • 12.Kawakami Dam
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E: Yoshino River System

  • 1.Sameura Dam
  • 2.Ikeda Dam
  • 3.Kagawa Canal
  • 4.Shingu Dam
  • 5.Kyuyoshinogawa Estuary Barrage
  • 6.Kochi Canal
  • 7.Tomisato Dam
  • 8.Emergency Reconstruction of Kagawa Canal Facilities
  • 9.Rehabilitation of Sameura Dam
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F: Chikugo River System

  • 1.Ryochiku-heiya Canal
  • 2.Terauchi Dam
  • 3.Chikugo Barrage
  • 4.Chikugogawa-karyu Canal
  • 5.Fukuoka Canal
  • 6.Oyama Dam
  • 7.Ryochiku-heiya Canal Stage II
  • 8.Koishiwaragawa Dam
  • 9.Fukuoka Canal Facilities Earthquake Countermeasures
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