[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Mie Canal

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1.Irrigation water
Max. intake: approx. 6m³/s (Benefited land: approc. 7,300 ha)
2.Domestic water
Max. intake: approx. 1m³/s (Water supply population: approx. 532,000)
3.Industrial water
Max. intake: approx. 0.2m³/s (Supply zone: 2 apartment complexes)
Benefited Area
Mie Pref.
Inabe City, Kuwana City, Yokkaichi City, Suzuka City, Komono Town, Toin Town
Facilities Water source facility:
Nakazato Dam (Effective storage:16 million m³), Indirect Basin Intake Works and Canals (4 spots, Length: approx. 9.4km) Uchiage Regulating Pond (Effective storage 2.2 million m³)
Stream Intake facilities and canals (4 spots, Length=approx. 9.8km)
Main canals (2 canals Length=approx. 59.3km), Regulating Ponds (3 spots, Effective storage 5.4 million m³)
Canals (4 canals Length= approx. 22.6km)
Lateral canals (6 canals Length=approx. 43.5km)
Completion 1992
Details Construction of Mie Canal was made to supply 7,300 ha of rice paddies spreading over eastern part of Suzuka Mountains in Mie Prefecture with irrigation water, Yokkaichi and other two municipalities with domestic water, and two industrial zones with industrial water. And it was completed in 1992.
Since 2007, JWA has been engaged in the maintenance management project of water resources development facilities and other related facilities to secure the functions of lateral canals which JWA has been entrusting to the Land Improvement Districts.
Gamaccho and friends
Mie-chan and Yosui-kun


Komono Town, Mie Pref.
Phone No.
*Mie Canal Operation and Maintenance Office


Approx. 20 min. from Obaneen sta. of Kintetsu Railway Yunoyama Line
Approx. 20 min. from Yokkaichi IC of Higashi-Meihan Expressway

Tourist Spots

Yoro Waterfall
At the end of the Yoro Park in Yoro Town, there is a waterfall of 4m wide and 30m high. The waterfall gives us a splendid view, but what reminds us when we hear the name of this waterfall is the name of the pub chain named the same, i.e. Yoro no Taki. Based upon the story of this fall water having changed to SAKE (wine), the pub chain took the name of this fall and named their pub. This pub chain is now enjoys good business. Is't it funny?
Photo by "Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation" HP
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Mt. Gozaisho
Mt. Gozaisho is one of the 200 famous mountains in Japan, located west of Yokkaichi City. Mie Prefecture. The peak of this mountain (1212m) and the hot springs resort of Yunoyama Hot Spring are connected with a Ropeway and you will see a wonderfull view of Ise Bay and the hot spring resort area from the top. This mountain boasts of the beautiful autumn colors and pink/scarlet colored azeleas in May as well as various strangely shaped large rocks. The ropeway is crowded with skiers in winter.
Photo by "Gozaisho Ropeway" HP
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Opening of cormorant fishing [11 May]
Every year on 11 May, the cormorant fishing event is held to pray for the safe and good fishing process during the entire fishing season. In the evening, when the darkness prevails, event-observation boats surround the cormorant fishing boats, and become ready to watch the spectacular sight. Dram beating performance and fireworks encourage and pray for a good start of the fishing season in a more vibrant mood.
Photo by "Gifu Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River" HP
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Nagara River Takigi Noh
(The evening of traditional cultural theatrical play of Nagaragawa Torch light "Noh" Performance) [August]
This is the annual traditional cultural event in summer-"Noh" play and "Kyogen" (traditional short comedic drama) performed on a specially set stage extended toward the Nagara River bed. With pitch black Mt. Kinkasan and illuminated Gifu Castle on top on the mountain on the background, the boat with a professional cormorant fisherman on board approaches the specially designated stage in the middle of the river, then a part of the bonfire is transferred and another bonfire on the play stage is ignited, then subtle and profound world of Noh emerges on Nagara River. It's the start of SHOWTIME.
Photo by "Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau" HP
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Gifu Nobunaga Festival [First Sat. through Sun. of October]
Gifu Nobunaga Festival is held from first Sat. through Sun. of October every year and is one of the famous festivals held in Gifu City. As Oda Nobunaga, first feudal lord who tried to unite and govern the entire Japan, started his movement from Gifu Castle, the people of Gifu are still proud of him and in memory of his attempt, hold the festive event every year, including warriors procession and musical band parade on the main street, and a memorial ceremony at Soufukuji Temple, which is Oda Nobunaga's family temple, all of which attract visitors to this city every year.
Photo by "Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau" HP
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