[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Hitokura Dam

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Purpose FNW *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Kawanishi City, Hyogo Pref. *See more
River Hitokuraoroji River, Yodo River System
Type Concrete gravity dam
Gate High head radial gate:2
Dam top over flow radial gate:2
Dam Height(m) 75
Crest Length(m) 285
Total Storage
Completion 1982
Details Hitokura Dam is the last dam of JWA to be constructed by the column block method. River environmental conservation measures, sedimentation restoration method and countermeasures against fishes of foreign origin were implemented. Experiment in flexible management and operation have been conducted since 2006.
Hitokuramaru-kun and Shizuka-chan
Hitokuramaru-kun and Shizuka-chan


Kawanishi City, Hyogo Pref.
Phone No.
*Hitokura Dam Operation and Maintenance Office


Train and Bus
Approx.12 min. by bus and walking from Yamashita sta. of Nose Electric Railway

Dam Card

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Tourist Spots

Myoken Mountain Forest
Myoken Mountain ForestMyokenn Mountain Forest is located up further north-east from Hitokura Dam. By taking a ropeway and moveable hillside lift, you can go closer to the top of Mt. myoken. There is the terrace for barbequing and hiking trails available.
Photo by "Kawanishi City" HP
See more ->Nose Electric Railway(Only Japanese)
Hitokura Prefectural Park
Hitokura Dam reservoir (Chimyo Lake) area is a prefectural park for the visitors to enjoy lakeside view and playing by the lake. Please bring playing gadgets and spend sometime there.


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