[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

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Hiyoshi Dam

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Purpose FNW *See more -> the functions of the dam
Location Nantan City, Kyoto Pref. *See more
River Katsura River, Yodo River System
Type Concrete gravity dam
Gate High head radial gate:2
Radial gate:4
Dam Height(m) 67
Crest Length(m) 438
Total Storage
Completion 1997
Details RCD (Roller Compacted Dam-concrete) method and ELCM (Extended Layer Construction Method) were used for its construction. Advanced submersible combined aerating circulation equipment with shallow layer water circulation function was developed for this Hiyoshi Dam. Hiyoshi Dam was awarded the Prize of AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan) in 1999.
Beavers Family
Beavers Family


Nantan City, Kyoto Pref.
Phone No.
*Hiyoshi Dam Operation and Management Office


Approx.30 min. by walk from Hiyoshi sta. of JR San'in Main Line
Approx.7km from Sonobe IC of Kyoto Jukan Expressway

Dam Card

Dam Card1
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Tourist Spots

Ruri Gorge
Ruri GorgeLocated on the Sonobe River, south west of Hiyoshi Dam, Ruri Gorge is providing nice sightseeing and trekking trails along the gorge created by the erosion by rapid river water over a very long years. It's fun to walk on the trail from spring to autumn.
Photo by "Kyoto Prefecture" HP
See more ->Kyoto Prefecture (Only Japanese)
Miyama group of thatched-roof houses
Miyama group of thatched-roof housesUp north of Hiyoshi Dam beautiful country village is located. It is called Miyama. Miyama Village has become a well known tourist destination nowadays because this village retains the old-fashioned straw-thatched roof houses a lot. At Kitamura area, 38 out of 50 houses are thatched roof houses. Isn't it cool to put yourself in the environment where old country style houses and ever-green Kitayama Japanese cedar trees are all over the place? It is great to sit on a countryyard bench and enjoy nostalgic view with a cup of green tea, or even coffee.
Photo by "Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association" HP
See more ->Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association
Hozu River rafting and Arashiyama
Hozu River rafting and Arashiyama Katsura River running through Kyoto is called Hozu River until it reaches the north-western entrance to the Kyoto City at Arashiyama Area. This Arashiyama Area is quite famous for its maple and other tree colors changing to red and yellow at the end of autumn in November. During this busy autumn season, the spot where the bridge is crossing the river is full of crowds of tourists. A little upstream is the Hozu River rafting port where tourists, who enjoy rafting from upstream, leave the boat. Before going to the dam or on the way back, it would be a good idea to stop by this scenic spot.
Photo by "Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association " HP
See more ->Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association

Gourmet Information

Hiyoshi Dam Curry and Rice
Hiyoshi Dam Curry and Rice
This dish is a big hit because of Dam Card which comes with it.
¥900 (excluding tax)
Springs Hiyoshi (Restaurant Katsuragawa)
8 Nakamiyanomukai, Hiyoshicho, Nantan City, Kyoto Pref.
Phone No.
on Wed.

*Prices and ingredients may change.


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