[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

[Japan Water Agency / JWA] Water resources development of seven river systems.

Tokuyama Gifu Pref.

Western Mino Route toward Japan's No.1 Tokuyama Dam
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[No.1] Western Mino Route toward Tokuyama Dam
Gifu We chose this Mino route first simply because Mino is located close to the center of the Japanese Archipelago. As you will see, Mino has many hidden attractive spots. So please get started for your touring adventure in Mino District.
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[Starting Point]Gifuhajima Station of Tokaido Bullet Train1 hr. & 56 min. from Tokyo by a bullet train "Hikari" and 55 min. from Osaka by a bullet train "Hikari"

Gifuhajima Station of Tokaido Bullet TrainIn addition to Kodama trains, one Hikari train stops at this station per hour. This is the gateway to Gifu Prefecture. Meitetu Line trains stops to provide the connection to main stations such as Kasamatu and Gifu. As there are many rent-a-car offices are open by the station, it is convenient for business and leisure tourists.


[1]"Okunohosomichi Musubinochi Museum"
´The Narrow Road to Oku(The journey to the inner world of Northern Honshu) Museum´30 min. by car from the starting point (Gifuhajima Station)

Okunohosomichi Musubinochi MuseumOgaki City, the core city of Seino Region of Gifu Prefecture is called a city of water with abundant water from underground and is also noted as the place where a well-known Haiku poetry artist of Edo period named Matsuo Basho ended his long journey to Tohoku Region .(His journal with a lot of haikus entitled "The Narrow Road to Oku" is read quite well This museum provides visitors with exhibits on his journey and 3D pictures on a 200inch large screen, showing some spots he depicted in his journal and other attractive places in Ogaki.

Address 2-26-1 Funamachi, Ogaki City, Gifu Pref.
Phone 0584-84-8430
Open 9:00-17:00
Closed Year-end and new year holidays
Fee ¥300
Parking lot Available

[2]Walking along Suimon River-Spots of animation film "A Silent Voice"Short walking distance from [1]

Walking along Suimon River-SpotsOgaki City is the central location site of the animation movie entitled "A Silent Voice" released in 2016. Some spots along Suimon River, running in the central part of the city like Midori Bridge were selected as important location spots of this movie. It is interesting to compare such spots with the spot in the movie in your memoire.

Address Along Suimon River
Phone 0584-77-1535(Ogaki Tourism Association)
Parking lot Available nearby

[3]Kurono Station Museum30 min. by car from [2]

Kurono Station MuseumKurono Station Museum is located in the Kurono Station Rail Park, where defunct Meitetu Ibi Line items such as station platform structures and other items which used to be used on this line are on display. The diorama showing 1/150th scale former Kurono Station and surrounding landscape are displayed in three D form with high precision N-gage miniature trains, including Meitetsu Panorama train and a bullet train. Other colorful settings like trees with their leaves seasonably being changed are also on display to show visitors virtual reality world of the Kuroba Station in Ono Town.

Address 560-4 Kurono, Ono Town, Ibi-Gun, Gifu Pref.
Phone 0585-32-5001
Open 9:00-17:00
Diorama models are on display with miniature trains operated on Sat. , Sun, & holidays from 10:00-12:00
& 13:00-15:00
Closed on Mon., the day after holiday, year end and new year holidays
Fee Free entrance fee
Parking lot Available

[4]Kanbaraya30 min. by car from [3]

KanbarayaThis is a well-established Japanese confectionery shop located on Honcho Street in the central part of Ibigawa Town. The shop's specialty is "Tokuyama" and "Nikki Mochi". They sell varieties of Japanese sweet cakes, including local specialty sweet "Tokuyama" a Japanese style wafer and sweetened red bean paste each separately wrapped , and "Nikki Mochi", a cinnamon-flavored sweet cake, one of the shop's top selling items.

*A typical Japanese sweet cake called "XX Mochi" consists of outer layer made of rice cake and inner layer of "Anko", sweet bean paste made out of simmered azuki beans.
Address 716 Miwa, Ibigawa Town, Ibi-Gun, Gifu Pref.
Phone 0585-22-0115
Open 07:00-17:30
Closed on Wed. (exc. Holidays)
Parking lot Not available

[Unique spot]A hilltop tea plantation site (Kamigare District)
Gifu version of "Machu Picchu" in the sky 30 min. by car from [4]

A hilltop tea plantation siteIbigawa Town is famous for its tea production and the tea plantation field of Kamigare District of Ibigawa Town sits on the hilltop of 300m above sea level. As many visitors to this district referred this to Machu Picchu in the sky and called it the Gife’s Macchu Picchu, World Heritage Site. This news spread through SNS. When you drive into previous Kasuga Village, you will be guided to this site following the hand-made guide post.. Stroll up to the site and enjoy the atmosphere.

Address 6 Gou, Kasuga, ibigawa-cho, Ibi-gun, Shiga Pref.

[Road Station]Road Station Starry Place Fujihashi30 min. by car from [4]

Road Station Starry Place FujihashiThe cafeteria in this station serves Yoko-Toku Curry & Rice(¥1000), a famous combination of Yokoyama & Tokuyama dams curry & rice dishes.

Address 264-1 Higashiyokoyama, Ibigawa Town, Ibi-Gun, Gifu Pref.
Phone 0585-52-2020
Open 09:30-18:00 on Weekdays
08:30-18:00 on Sat. , Sun, & holidays
Closed Year end and new year holidays, on Tue. (Restrant), on Thu. (Soba Restrant), *the day after holiday
Parking lot Available

[5]Nishimino Astronomical Observatory60 min. by car from [4]

Nishimino Astronomical ObservatorySurrounded by mountains and not affected by the city lights, this site is best suited for astronomical observation. This observatory is equipped with a large 60cm in diameter reflecting telescope. You can enjoy a huge clear view of the moon as well as Jupiter and Saturn, etc. Twice a month star-watching nights are enjoyed by visitors. Groups of visitors are welcome, too. (Upon request ) In addition, Nishimino Planetarium in Fijihashi Castle sitting nest to the observatory is Available for your virtual space trip with an optical megastar and a digital projector.

Address 332-1 Tsurumi, Ibi Town, Ibi-Gun, Gifu Prefecture
Phone 0585-52-2611
Open Available upon request
Closed in Winter (From Dec to Mar)
Fee ¥300 per hour (¥200 per child) Mini. 5 persons required
Parking lot Available

[Final Destination]Tokuyama Dam10 min. by car from [5]

Tokuyama DamIts storage capacity is 660 million m3-the largest storage amount in Japan. Information display monitor on the right bank side of the dam in the site park explains about the dam. There are observation deck, a huge tire sample on display for the 90 ton dump truck used for the construction. They welcome the advanced tour request . It will be guided by the staff , who will explain the dam operations.

[Dam site park] Access
Address 448 Kaida, Ibi Town, Ibi-Gun, Gifu Prefecture
Phone 0585-52-2910 (Tokuyama Dam Office)
Open 9:00-17:00
Closed No holidays
Fee Free entry
Parking lot Available
[For reservation for a guided tour]
Phone 0585-52-0166 (Water and Forest Learning Hall)
※All the contents of this brochure are based on the information available at the time of interview and data collection and they may change later.

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